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This site is very early in development. For now I will explain the tools and the choices I've made for this site. To put it simply I dislike Javascript, I had a class project with it once and I had a truly miserable time. So my goal on future web development is to use as minimal an amount of JS as possible. I also had an interest in Lua. I've wanted to use it on projects in the past but I hadn't gotten the chance. Until I realized that Lua was an option for web development. The Sailor project caught my interest because it was based on Lua and had a very quick learning curve. On top of being named after Sailor Moon (something I enjoy immensely) inspired me. Sailor by default also uses Starlight which parses Lua then precompiles Lua scripts to JS; allowing me to just write Lua for the browser. Luajit(which runs faster than JS and Lua) is running an Xavante server. I'm also using Bootstrap as it seemed really helpful for front-end. I'd be happy to answer any other questions about the site.


Though the development of this site has been a fun challenge for me, I would not recommend that anyone else develop using these tools. The time to iterate on the scripting in Lua is just way too long. I'm also not aware of a way to debug the Lua client-side as it runs the site. If this were not a personal challenge I gave myself, there's no way I would have a sustainable development cycle. There's a variety of other tools with more documentation to have a website up and running almost immediately. I have definitely learned a lot about Lua and web development through this challenge though, so it's already worth it.

The top level domain .moe in Japanese: “萌え”; pronounced as “moh-ay”. Moe is a very versatile word used to express a deep feeling or passion for something you love.

Gify Page exist becasue I wanted to have some kind of interactive media on the site while I learn to make this site more interactive, which it will be in the future. Also I found that and the theme through a GeoCities-like. I plan to get rid of it after I have other interactivity on the site.