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Every single project is a learning experience and I'm always progressing as a dev.

I plan on making videos to demonstrate my projects in the future when I have more time but for now screen grabs will have to do.

This is a project for my Software Engineering class. It was my first collaborative project with two teammates. It was also my first web and Javascript project. Our team decided we wanted to make an app that would use your webcam to track your facial expressions while you listened to a Spotify playlist. The Spotify API adds songs to the playlist based on your reactions. We used a MERN stack (Mongo DB, Express, React, Node). One of the hardest parts was deciding on that the project would be. The other thing that was really difficult was trying to get the webcam to send the image to the server so it could send the emotions to the Microsoft API.

This is a project for my Computer Graphics class. The objective was to create a vivarium with predators, prey, and food for the prey. Each works with simple behavior like running away from predator, and moving towards food. This was programmed using JOGL, an OpenGL library for Java. I used simple 3d shapes to make the fish, the sharks, and the food. I had to initialize hitboxes and collisions along with the behaviors for the creatures. This project really fortified my understanding of OpenGL.

This project, which is still very much in early development, is meant to be a Deck-Building, Monster-Collecting, Rouge-Lite Development on this game has been a bit harder than I initially thought it'd be. There's a saving feature, randomized map and item builders, and a turn-based battle system. Also what I want the game to be continues to be more complex. This game also runs with SDL. The code on this project is a lot easier to read and I'm trying to document better. I'm also planning future optimizations as I go. There's also a TO-DO list in the project.

Jason-Mayfield.Moe, this website, is a project in itself. This is my first Lua project and my first web deployment. I go into more detail in Web Dev & Tools, but in short this is how I've challenged myself to get more comfortable with Lua. I'm writing only Lua code for front and back end, which is not very standard at all. It has been pretty tough to get this far, as I'm learning Html, Css, Lua, web-architecture, and more, all at the same time. I hope the dozens of hours I've put in already come through, as I will continue to develop this site.

This is the first C++ project I've worked on. A post on Stack Exchange suggested my first game be no more complicated than Pong. That seemed like a good first project. It introduced my to many of concepts, and Simple Direct Library SDL, which as the name suggest is an easy to understand , set of tools to help put together interactive apps. It manages things like window creation, key inputs, and sound. Pretty nifty for beginning game development.

Many more projects to come! I always want to learn and create. You can find all my code on my Github.