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I'm Jason, an aspiring programmer and game dev.


I'm from Brooklyn, New York - specifically, Bed-Stuy.

I'm in Boston University, getting a degree in Computer Science. I'm much more intersted in software and programming than actual computer science though.

I enjoy collecting/playing videogames, playing table-tops, card games really all forms of interactive media.

My favorite consoles are the GameCube, the Dreamcast, and the Vita. The first two are really nostalgic to me.

I do some casual digital art. If I know I'll have an extended amount of free time, I like to draw with my Wacom. Trying to finish a drawing takes an unholy amount of time for me. I'm sure it will get better with more practice, if I ever get the time.

Also I enjoy cooking and baking but the prep and clean up time are usually too much, so I end up ordering out or heating up food with virtually no clean up.

I love sci-fi and I'll read/watch/play almost anything of that genre.

My taste in music has become increasingly obscure. The genre I enjoy most and also code to is Future Funk, which is kind of like Japanese House and Disco Music but often with a retro influence. Here's the most popular song.